The 5 Top Coffee Advent Calendars for Christmas 2020

In recent year’s Advent Calendars have had a huge overhaul. No longer filled with cheap chocolate in the shape of kitsch-Christmas icons, the Advent Calendar is now available to allow you to pursue your passion of choice for the month of December.

And as the time comes for Advent Calendars to start shipping, we thought we’d round up five of the best options for coffee-lovers.

Brand: Nespresso (Capsules)
# of Doors: 24
Price: £24.99
Limited Stock: Yes

With sleek square packaging and a capsule behind each door, the Nespresso Advent Calendar returns for its second year. The contents are kept secret – and whilst the brand did get some complaints that the 2019 edition was too ‘samey’ – the price point is reasonable when you consider what brand-aficionados would usually pay per capsule and there’s supposed to be a surprise on the 24th to set it off!

Brand: Yawn Coffee Co. (Ground or Beans)
# of Doors: 24
Price: £29.99
Limited Stock: No

Available as your choice of Ground Coffee or Whole Beans the Yawn Advent Calendar brings together 24 of its blends in a beautiful wintery package. Also in there second year of production, the brand have rave reviews for the previous edition and have chosen to double the amount of coffee behind each window to 18g.

We’d advise buying direct from Yawn for this one as the price on third party retailers can go up by as much as 25%.

Brand: Beanies (Instant Coffee)
# of Doors: 24
Price: £20.00
Limited Stock: Yes

For the instant coffee-lover, larger-than-life brand Beanies Flavour Coffee’s offering brings together 44 of their stick sachets and two Christmas flavour coffees jars, covering everything from Christmas Pudding to Mulled Wine, into their calendar.

Brand: Pact (Ground Coffee)
# of Doors: 25
Price: £29.95
Limited Stock: No

Pact Coffee Roasters’ Christmas calendar is beautifully packaged, but if you love the element of surprise it’s worth noting that it doesn’t have doors! Instead you receive 25 festive coffee cards, each with an 18g ground coffee sachet attached. If you order direct, you do also receive a limited edition festive tea towel with you order.

Brand: KaffeBox (Whole Bean)
# of Doors: 24
Price: £119
Limited Stock: No

For those looking to go above and beyond, Scandinavian brand Kaffe Box have bought together 24 micro-roasters for their speciality coffee calendar. Their third year running the project, they are so committed to ensuring a high-quality experience that the calendar will be sent in three shipments of eight tubes – each filled with 50g single origin, whole bean coffee.

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