Minor Figures Announces It’s Carbon Neutral

Minor Figures, the London based producers of Nitro Cold Brews, have today announced that the company is carbon neutral.

It’s no secret that coffee production contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases and can also be linked to deforestation, habitat destruction and pesticide usage, so the recent announcement that the brand of quirky-packaged, 100% vegan products including Oat Milk, Nitro Cold Brew and Chai Latte’s has committed to carbon neutrality is great news.

What is ‘Carbon Neutral’?
Carbon neutrality, or having a net zero carbon footprint, refers to achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal. So whilst Minor Figures are still creating carbon emissions, they are neutralising their impact.

Minor Figures worked alongside climate change advisers, Ecofye, to conduct a circular assessment of their business operation – which for the hipster coffee-makers includes roasting, producing, shipping. They also appointed Climate Partner, developers of carbon offset projects, to support them in finding a sustainable way to offset their emissions.

Minor Figures has offset its carbon emissions by supporting two high impact carbon offsetting projects in the Global South. The projects are Biogas (providing clean and affordable energy in Vietnam) and Clean Cookstoves (Peru).

The company is no stranger to environmental initiatives, in fact one of the Minor Figures founders started the KeepCup brand and they’ve previously run ‘Freedays’, and initiative which offers customers at select cafes free Oat M*lk coffees all day.

A recent post on the brands website claims “It takes a lot of time, effort and resources for businesses to operate from a truly pro-environmental stance, but that’s exactly where we want to be. Long gone are the days when good intention and trendy marketing lingo could dress up as progress. Words are cheap, action is everything. “

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